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 A teen boy finds the crystal amulet (dropped down a gap between some steps in SPELLBOUND, book 1) while touring a castle with his senior class. When the crystal empowers him three evil power-hungry witches sense him and are on their way...

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A spellbound warrior is accidentally released from a spell during a paranormal encounter with a woman he believes betrayed his family. That stormy night appears in her room while she sleeps to avenge his murdered kin.

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M. I. Speer


I'm originally from Chicago but now live in San Diego, CA. I have two grown children and four grandchildren. My passion is writing fantasy, time travel adventures, and romance books for teens and young adults. Available formats on Amazon: ebooks and Kindle print books. 


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We all need time to get away. Find a serene place to relax, explore, or read. While all are great choices, reading can take you to a fantasy world, keep your mind active and even be a source of therapy especially when life gets a bit difficult. (Available formats on Amazon: ebooks, print books, and Kindle books)

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I became fascinated with romantic heroes and adventures as a child. Great sources of inspiration have been stories like Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and many romantic historical novels. I'm also a fan of fairy tales, legends and fables, and even Assassin's Creed Unity video games series. Being a kid at heart, my stories are written for teen and young adult readers, but those of you who like sweet romance mixed with a great adventure will enjoy them too. Available formats on Amazon: Kindle eBooks, and print books.

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Galactic Princess of Midora, Mermaid of the Sea: A princess from another galaxy, whose mother was an Earthling, must travel to Earth to save her dying brother, the emperor of Midora a planet on the verge of invasion. Due to her Midoran and Earthly biology, she must mainly abide in seawater while on Earth. So, her DNA is altered and strengthened to survive at sea. Knowing that her clothes would dissolve during the journey, she boards the space capsule containing the salts and minerals she needs to survive wearing only a silver weave mesh to cover her chest. She arrives on Earth almost unrecognizable with long white hair and a silver fishtail instead of legs. However, her arrival clashes with an encounter between a terrorist group, who hijacked a civilian cruise ship, and US Special Forces. While watching the fire exchange from beneath the sea, a man plunges in the water wounded and bleeding, but when she sees a large animal she identifies as a shark approach him from behind she swiftly swims out and intercepts its attack by striking it with her steely tail, surprising even herself as the monstrous animal spins away. She then hauls the man off by swimming above him to block his view and returns him to his vessel. However, as she swims away he turns and catches a glimpse of her fishy tail-end as it snaps out of the water leaving him completely baffled, yet unnoticed by his team members in target positions on the opposite side of the boat.

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