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SPELLBOUND II: The Calling (Book Trailer)

Book trailer:

 A teen boy finds the crystal amulet (dropped down a gap between some steps in SPELLBOUND, book 1) while touring a castle with his senior class. When the crystal empowers him three evil power-hungry witches sense him and are on their way...SHOW MORE

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A spellbound warrior is accidentally released from a spell during a paranormal encounter with a woman he believes betrayed his family. That stormy night appears in her room while she sleeps to avenge his murdered kin.

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M. I. Speer


I'm originally from Chicago, but now live in San Diego, CA. I have two grown children and four grandchildren. My passion is writing fantasy, time travel adventures and romance books for teens and young adults. Available formats on Amazon: ebooks and Kindle books

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We all need a time to get away. Find a serene place to relax, explore or read. While all are great choices, reading can take you to a fantasy world, keep your mind active and even be a source of therapy especially when life gets a bit difficult. (Available formats on Amazon: ebooks, books, and Kindle books)


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I became fascinated with romantic heroes and adventures as a child. A great source of my inspiration were stories like, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and many romantic historical novels. I'm also a fan of fairy tales, legends and fables, and even Assassin's Creed Unity video games series. Being a kid at heart, my stories are written for teen and young adult readers, but those of you who like sweet romance mixed with a great adventure will enjoy them too! Available formats on Amazon: ebooks, books, and Kindle books

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